Thursday, November 18, 2010

Connecting Threads

I was shopping online at Connecting Threads. Have you bought anything from here?
Solids are 3.96/yard, they have a great selection of basics and prints. Some really cute dots and stripes.
Shipping is free with purchases over 50.00 .

And CANADIANS, you know how expensive it is here. If you purchase over 50.00 at Connecting Threads, shipping is only 7.00 . It doesn't matter how much you don't have to worry about fitting it in an envelope. It's 7.00 They charge a 10% tax/duty fee on top of that. I still think that is an incredible deal.

There are some prints and solids on clearance for 2.96/yard. Kits are 50% off.

I've heard the thread is good too.

Have you bought any of the fabric/thread there? What do you think of the quality?
I'm planning on doing a big order and have done the math.
Local fabric shop here sells Konas for 8.95/meter. Add 12% tax to that. So let's round it to 10.00/yard.
I'd get about 6 yards for the 60.00 I'd spend at Connecting Threads.

At connecting threads, I'd get just over 12 yards of fabric for 60.00. That's if I bought the 3.96/yard solids.



  1. I have been very happy with the thread! Sounds like a great source for Kona too!

  2. Anonymous 3:55 PM

    The fabric is not Moda quality and the solids are not Kona quality. They are not as soft and the better quality fabric ... the thread is pretty good though ... just my opinion.

  3. Anonymous 4:13 PM

    I do not lke the fabric. It has quite a bit of stretch to it. I bought a kit and threw it all away before completing the quit

  4. My mom tried the fabric and said it is VERY thin. I have tried their thread and like it for quilting (some lint) but not for piecing. It is 50 wt but I think the fact that it is 3 ply makes it feel thicker. They do have good discounts on books though.

  5. Anonymous 4:56 PM

    I have bought from a few times and been really happy. their shipping is super fast and cheap to Canada.
    0-2 yards $4.50 USD
    2 1/8 Yards - 9 Yards $10.95 USD
    They Free Spirit Designer Solids for $5.75. Lots and lots of designers.

  6. I buy all my thread and batting from them. I LOVE the thread for both piecing and quilting and it's the cheapest source for me for batting.

    As for the fabric, the printed fabric looks kind of cheap -- the printing isn't very high quality. I'm happier with the solids (they are very soft, softer than Kona.) However, I ordered a charm pack of solids and the cutting quality was truly awful. Kona isn't that much more expensive so I think I'll stick with it.

    There is actually a Canadian source for Kona -- Mad About Patchwork. Shipping is $5.00 for orders under $100 and free otherwise. I've ordered from her several times and have been very happy. My other favourite source for Kona is Simply Solid Fabric. Her custom 7 yard and 24 yard packages are the cheapest I've ever seen for Kona. Plus she labels every piece with the colour name.

    For designer prints I second Hawthorne threads. If you order between 9 and 18 yards they package it into 2 envelopes rather than a box so it's cheaper and probably won't be charged with customs fees. Pink Chalk Fabrics is also very nice and carries Kona as well. I've also had great success with many different Etsy sellers.

  7. i love connecting threads. but you already know that, don't you? ;)


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