Friday, November 05, 2010

Ikea finds...

I've discovered that fabric shopping in Vancouver is worse than in Edmonton. Well...unless I want to travel 45 minutes. not.

I was looking for some Kona solids for backing my new quilt, and couldn't find the right gray. I didn't want to wait for up to 3 weeks for an online order to come in. I'm so impatient, I need instant gratification. I decided to head to Ikea and check out what kind of fabric and sheets they had.

Grey isn't easy. But I did find a charcoal twin sheet, 100% cotton, for 14,99 which I'll use. It's just a backing right?

On my maze through the aisles (and experiencing almost pedestrian rage as this woman and her cart stopped dead in front of me, in the middle of the aisle to start TEXTING for pete's sake. This is they not know I'm racing through so I can get the $1 hot dog deal at the end?)
I came across this whimsical fabric. They come on mini bolts - 47" x 118"
They are 100% cotton.

I bought two bolts - they kind of 'go' together. The characters are the same, the themes are slightly different.
Some of it was worthy of giggling though.... no words needed here..oh how I love the Swedes!
(if you need me to explain, just email me privately LOL)

such a sweet duck, look at his boxers!
all of the characters are riding on different items, like teacups, shoes, cupcake liners...chairs!

The bolts of fabric were 9.99 each, and there were about 5-6 different kinds.
Now run, scurry, hurry!!! Go to Ikea! Buy some fabric! Send the kids to the SmalLand and take your hubby out for a date night at Ikea! Dinner tonight is only 1.99! Breakfast tomorrow is $1!


  1. Oh, quit teasing me with your Ikea. I've not been to one. Ever. I think the closest one is in Chicago, which is like 6 hours away. :0(

  2. How did I not know this???!!! i must run NOW!

    Thanks for helping me break the bank,

  3. Oooh, I wonder if they have them in the UK! We're planning an Ikea trip on Monday anyway, and if I just HAPPENED to wander past the fabric...

  4. I was at IKEA last night too. I skipped the fabric (under reno) but I did by some crib duvets just for the fabric.

  5. Hi Andrea, just wanted you to know that I have just started an on line fabric store out of Hinton Alberta , I have ordered some Kona Solids which will hopefully come in by the end of the month. I am sure I can beat a 3 week delivery to Edmonton!!

  6. All that cute fabric and here is the question I want to ask: You're 6 feet tall? Wow, you look so much shorter online...LOL

  7. What fun fabric!

  8. Umm, so jealous here. we don't have an Ikea *wah* but if you ever want to share... ;)

  9. I just heard that Spool of Thread here in Vancouver is going to be stocking all 221 colours of Kona cotton! They have dozens of colours right now and are adding to that soon!


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