Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making mojo...

How do you make sewing mojo? Can someone give me the recipe please?

Actually, I totally know the parts that are affecting me:
1. New home with 'jobs' that should be tackled...e.g. painting, ripping out other bathroom, carpeting, flooring....
2. WIP's that should get finished and are still hanging around weighing heavily on me.
3. Sewing Bees - one is over. Another one, there's still a bit to go.

Sewing Bees - I know some of you are in many bees. I joined two for fun in 2010. While I really did like learning some new blocks, this has greatly affected my impromptu sewing mojo. When I get an idea and have it drawn out and want to play with it....the sewing bee block package stares at me. Make me. You have a deadline. you need to get it done. And then, poof, the mojo is gone. I won't be joining any bees for 2011. I will finish my committment for the one I currently am in, but that's it.

WIP's - how do you cope with these? I have a bunch. do I just toss them aside and work on l'idee du jour? (idea of the day)


  1. That last word? Yeah, whatever that word on that.

    I know what you mean about bee blocks. I decided to do the 3x6 swap because I really like the concept, but that's it. No more. I barely can find time for what I WANT to do, let alone if there is something staring at me that I HAVE to do...

  2. I love the wonky star block! I totally hear you on the bee commitments. This was my first year to join up a couple of bees, and while they've been fun, I'll be excited to have fewer obligations.

  3. If I have a deadline on one, that is the one I reach for - making a deadline makes me feel better than missing one!
    If it's all staring back at me, I pick up whatever is going to give me instant gratification in the time I have.

  4. I've never joined any bees for exactly the reason you describe - I want to be able to work on what I want to, not what I've committed to. I've found doing quilt alongs is a great way to stay involved in the worldwide bloggy community without the commitment of a bee.

  5. Sad to say, I don't think you can make mojo. You can encourage it by putting aside the must dos and just doing. Then again, sometimes forcing yourself through the obligations frees you up mentally.

    As for WIPs? Who cares? No one but you know they're there.

  6. I totally agree with you about the quilting bees. I love but will be anxious to get back to my own stuff. For the WIP, I say just toss them aside and work on what you want. In the end you will probably get a lot more accomplished.

  7. Hey there, Do what you can when you can with no deadlines or committments then it won't seem like such a chore. As hubby and boys to give you a few hours to "play". A mini retreat at home. hard to do, but worth it for you mind and soul. good luck with the whole marathon thing.

  8. Anonymous 1:29 PM

    Oh I so understand what you mean about the bee block packages staring you in the face. I'm so behind and feel guilty even thinking about working on something else. So then I don't do the blocks and don't do something else and feel rubbish for not doing anything. Meh!

    So no more bees for me. The one I'm in finishes in February and whilst I've enjoyed trying new blocks, I won't miss the guilt trip!

    I hope you find your mojo :)

  9. The commitment for bees and swaps can be pretty daunting, especially if you are busy working on things like moving and renos. Hang in there your mojo will return one day and you'll be creating beautiful things with your free time.


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