Tuesday, September 13, 2011


etchings by 3 Sisters - moda.

Do you find it difficult to unwrap these pretty little packages? I do. Part of the beauty to me is seeing the colourway wrapped up and scrolled around.....
Etchings has been unwrapped. It feels like I have taken a bouquet of flowers out of the vase and tossed the flowers randomly on the floor.

I bought a new sewing centre last weekend, for a super duper price. I couldn't NOT buy it. It has some storage and two sections for two different machines. I'm only using one machine space, and the other will be a cutting area (not for big jobs) and a pressing space. My Juki fits perfectly in the sewing machine place and fits flush with the table top (the hydraulic lifter is adjustable)

Random thought: I am in desperate need of thread. Lots of colours. I feel a big urge to experiment with smaller quilts and machine quilting.


  1. Come over! I have a rainbow of colours you can play with.

  2. I like them all still rolled up too!
    What a fabulous work space you've got there, I bet you can't wait to get it all messy!

  3. I'm completely enamored with the Etchings line myself - those map prints have such possibilities. Hurray for a new sewing space! It looks like an awesome set-up.

  4. Oh my that is quite a fabulous sewing space you've got going there! I would never leave it. . . . hehehe. Good luck with the thread splurge, you can never have enough thread!

  5. Beautiful sewing space. I'm a bit envious! And you definitely need to be one of the winners of my aurifil thread giveaway!

  6. I find it sooooo hard to unwrap jelly rolls.

    That's some sewing setup you have there. Enjoy trying it out!

  7. Anonymous 11:04 PM

    Your sewing space is AWESOME! Congrats on the purchase!!

    ♥ Shia

  8. Nice set up. I have the tall version. today I was sewing standing up!!

  9. What a great set up you have!


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