Sunday, October 16, 2011

Basting a large quilt in my house...

uh, mom...I want to go outside now.
my food and water dish are over the far corner. uh, mom?
I finally found a spot I could baste my quilt.

Thanks to the help of my wee ones, I spray basted and smoothed it in no time flat. Don't worry, the doors and windows were all open...I LOVE spray basting. Haven't done a quilt this size before, so I'll report back if the spray basting holds up on this almost queen size quilt.


  1. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience. I tried spray basting a large quilt once and it didn't turn out so well. Love spray basting though for smaller projects!

  2. Oh yes, I love spray basting, too! It's so fast and easy ;-)) I have to do it outside ... because otherwise I have two eager helpers sitting in the middle of it ... So, compliments on your well-behaving dog!

  3. That would be a good spot!
    (Is this the tea cup quilt?)

  4. Yes, please give us your thoughts. I have only spray basted one quilt. It was quite large and it seemed to work really well.

  5. What a good dog! mine would have (and has) just walked all over it. Or flopped down ON it while I was pin basting.

  6. i use spray baste for all the quilts i've made (after pinning the first one - before learning about spray baste) and have had absolutely NO problem with it holding, or washing it out when i'm finished quilting.

    i just can't imagine pinning.


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