Monday, October 10, 2011

Naming your blog

Have you ever thought about changing your blog name or your domain name? I have. many times. For about 2.5 years now. But Millions of Thoughts (trapped in my head) is just so attached to me, I've had it for 5 years now.

When I first started a blog, I never fathomed it would have lasted this long...nor would I imagine people read it! Have you seen that crazy ticker over there? =====>
Definately a giveaway when I hit 30,000. Holy moly!

The address, however, is just so long.

millions of thoughts is better.

If I change I just shorten it, or do I go for a brand new name?

Quilting Thoughts
Millions of Quilts

or something cute and catchy?
or something studio-ish and modern? (even though my 'studio' is a dark corner below grade in my basement)

How do you take the plunge, or do you even do that?

This is kind of like the haircut question. You've grown your hair for so long and are bored with it. Do you just get a trim, or do you go for the short pixie cut and dye it jet black with a blue streak?


  1. Shorter Name may be easier for you to link to -- but for the general reader, keep it the same! If you change it, people may forget to update their readers/blogrolls, etc.

  2. that is a tough and blog... I am a bit sick of both of mine right now. I guess it depends on the image you want to be known for...quilting related or just life related? good luck with your decision

  3. Millions of quilts...yeah, you wish!
    Millions of thoughts is fine because in your head you're mentally saying to yourself 'trapped in my head' anyway...well I am!

  4. Thinking the exact same thoughts right now!
    Is this because you DID cut your hair?

  5. I vote for "millions of thoughts" and then I think you should play the Name Game!

  6. Anonymous 9:55 PM

    I like Millions of Thoughts...that way you aren't limited to one can just randomly post your thoughts as they come =)

    ♥ Shia

  7. I would not change your name. I still miss Park City Girl (very catchy name). Of course I follow her at Amy's Creative Side, still.


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