Friday, November 04, 2011

Garment Sewing

I've been watching all of these gorgeous tunics, shirts, dresses and skirts pop up in blogland. You know the kind - artsy, unique, comfortable. The kind where you see someone wearing them and you make a mental note of admiration.
What a sewn tunic looks like on:
Her - adorable, artsy, classy with an edge
Me - mu-mu.

I feel the same way about handbags and totes that pop up everywhere.
What an artsy bag looks like on:
Her - SO cute, she can really carry those colours off well. It just makes her outfit work.
Me - a homemade bag. Who the heck raided the remnant bin at the fabric store?

So in the spirit of making things I will make something I don't have to wear out and about. Something that I can wear comfortably at home.
What handmade pajama pants look like on:
Her - cute and crafty...could easily wear them to pajama day at school.
Me - baggy and sloppy.

Am I the only one that cannot wear home made garments well?


  1. oh thank you Andrea I thought it was just me. The school teacher me and maybe I'm just uber-conservative in my dressing, not in my politics though (Harper scares me). Yep, I too want to be one of the cool kids..not sure it's going to happen though.

  2. Well put! I feel exactly the same way. I always wish I was more artsy and less frumpy. But I'm working on it.

  3. Haha. So I'm multi-tasking. I'm talking on the phone to my niece in Chicago. Oops. I probably should not admit that. Anyway. I feel exactly the same way you do.

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  5. Nope, not just you. However, I have had successes in addition to fantastic whopping failures.. (uni-boob, the pinchy arm fat top, the dress that fits perfectly but is impossible to get off, to name a few). The trick to sewing for yourself is the same as shopping for yourself; if you don't know if a shape will suit you, you have to try it on first... My grandmother said that's why they made muslin (for trying a pattern out first) but I'm usually too impatient and lazy and go straight for the good fabric, leading to tears and frustration when I've cut the "right size" and found it too small in one part and too big in another.

    Just remember that you're fabulous, just as fabulous as "her". She can post edited photographs, screened and selected to show precisely the qualities that appeal to you and will rarely show you an unflattering one. You WILL find a pattern that turns out wonderfully for you; go easy on yourself for the ones that don't. If the same clothes and accessories worked for everyone, fashion would not exist at all. And then there'd be no fun fabric to play with. :-)

  6. You'll notice Andrea that when I posted pics of my pyjamas recently I didn't show me IN the actual pyjamas. That's because Im pretty sure Im not going to be the person wearing my pyjamas to school or looking like I belong in a fashion shoot.

    You go girl. Just have fun making those pyjamas of yours and to heck with what anyone else thinks.I'll be cheering you on.

  7. No you aren't for the longest time I've given up making purses or bags of any kind because they just look too homemade.

  8. This is why we are becoming good friends. I feel exactly the same way.

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