Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Which one do your eyes prefer?

When I thought up these simple blocks, I was playing with positive and negative space.

Here are two arrangements, with just some of the block colours showing-

Randomly placed:
Arranged with its colour mate:
Of course, I still need to play with arrangement of colour, but which do you prefer - the positive and negative spaces arranged randomly, or matching side by side with its colour mate? I think I know what I would do, but curious what you think?

Monday evening was the hardest ever. I put on my brave face and went in with Mandy. It was quiet, calm and quick, and I held her and kissed her as she passed. I don't think I've ever felt my heart really ache until that night. Mandy was my amazing dog - she was a protector, a friend, playmate, a teddy bear, and an incredibly smart smart dog. This house is so quiet and empty without her. Rest in peace, my sweet girlie girl....


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I would choose the random placement.

  2. I also say random.

    Sorry about your pup. I'm sending you healing thoughts and prayers. And psychic hugs and brownies.

  3. Firstly, sorry about your dog. I know from experience they are more than an animal and more like another member of the family.

    Secondly, random.

  4. So sorry about your pup :(

    I prefer the one with like grouped with like.

  5. So sorry...I have had to do that three times!

    And I reallynlike the first!

  6. I'm so sorry you had to let your friend go. That had to be incredibly hard. I'm sending hugs your way.

    I like the random block.

  7. oooh really sorry.


  8. I like the matching positive negative arrangement best. Both are very nice though.

  9. So sorry about your Mandy. That's really sad.

    I like the random placement best because it held my attention much longer. In the matched up version, you kind of "get it" quickly and then you're eye is ready to move on. But the random one kept me looking and looking. AWESOME block, btw. Why isn't there a letter like that in the English alphabet?!

  10. Theresa 8:53 PM

    Mandy was an amazing dog. I know it was a hard decision to make, but you didn't want her to suffer. My thoughts go out to you at this time. I know you are sad and will miss her terribly.

    I like the random placement best for the quilt pattern.

  11. The sweet spirits that live with us as pets...forever change our lives! They give so much and weave their sweetness right into our own hearts. I feel sorrow for you at this time...may your memories of your canine companion give you some comfort.
    ---just a thought...maybe you could take a few of the pictures you have of Mandy...and make it into a quilt?


  12. OK, I have a weird mind: I'm thinking that stripes of the matched colors would be terrific for a small piece like a wall hanging, but I like the random placement for a larger quilt.

    So sorry about Mandy; losing a pet is HARD. You'll get through it of course - you have no choice - but the house is probably going to feel too quiet until the day you decide to get a new pet and you're ambushed with the training and the noise and the toys underfoot and ...

  13. I am so sorry about Mandy. Forever in our hearts...

    I like the random pattern. It kept my eye the longest. Both are very nice.

  14. My heart aches with yours. It's so hard to lose a much loved pet.

    Random is my preference.

  15. I like the random placement. So sorry to hear about your dear dog. They will always be with us.

  16. Oh my goodness, Mandy's gone? Just wow. I'm so sorry to hear that. She was a good dog.

  17. So very sorry!!!
    it is quite an experience isn't it? we did the same in october with our 16 year old cat...

  18. I'm so sorry about your doggy :( . May she rest in peace.


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