Monday, May 07, 2012

Twitter, golf and other wandering thoughts

Jasper has discovered the comforts of home made quilts.   How do they know about softness with all that fur?  I caught him laying like this after I came up from the sewing dungeon with some clipping scissors.....he was not impressed that I wouldn't let him stay there.

Do you twitter or facebook?   I facebook...but not very much.  I recently signed up for twitter and have followed some people but don't really get it.  It seems kind of like facebook?  

 Ethan and Cameron are at the driving range each week practicing their golf skills...
they don't share the bucket of balls very well with me.
 ME??? I actually signed up for LESSONS!  Don't laugh. I'm planning for retirement.  
I go twice a week....

This shot is purely for before and after evidence - before I become a golf pro and get to wear those cute skirts, and before I lose 40 pounds.   Yikes, my middle.  Cutting the carbs this week baby! (unless my readers have some kind of miracle for me to try)

Tomorrow!   My quilt finish - and its tutorial on the bake shop! 


  1. Don't Facebook and this sums up my thoughts on Twitter quite nicely;-)

    Prefer to keep virtual life to a minimum!

  2. I have Facebook but I rarely post on it. The idea of twitter just does my head in. I'm probably not exciting enough to tweet.

    I live on carbs and protein, so Im not going to be any use to you in the dieting department. And that picture isnt that bad anyway.

    Good luck with your golfing pro dreams!

  3. I neither facebook nor tweet. Heck, I barely blog.

    Good for you for taking up a spo... golf. I hear it's a really good walk almost ruined by a tiny white ball. :-) I keep meaning to take up tennis but, turns out, you can't do it by yourself and I need to round up some folks as lousy as me so we can all get better at it.

  4. I do both. But I am a college student soooo...

    Also dogs love quilts because they smell like you (you touch and handle every inch of it, especially with free motion) My dog loves to quilts. She loved one so much she threw up one one once. I was not happy.

  5. :) Love your blog! And your quilts.. as to your question: twitter or facebook? For me, it's the twitters! FB is all about --> let's see who can glean the most information from you to add that info to their almighty database SO THEY CAN SELL YOU STUFF. Ug. NO thank you. They rather turn my stomach. Twitter works well for me and between the two wins hands down. It keeps a much lower profile, doesn't give me the creeps like FB does... I'm there with like minded people (and often with *not* like minded people to keep it interesting!) Learn tons there. Take everything with a grain of salt. Really love it. IF you're actually talking with friends there too then it can be the height of hilarity/very enjoyable. I've made friends all over the world through twitter.
    Well, that's a snapshot of my perspective on life in the twitterverse!


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