Friday, February 15, 2013

Mutha Stitcha - the name game

One of the hardest decisions for me to make in this whole process has been coming up with a name for my business.     I have the 'urban' series, 'stitch' series 'edge series, 'thoughts' goes on.  And then came the outrageous...and I'm telling you.  I actually like one of them.  but no...not enough for a business name. LOL

Mutha Stitcha.

Mutha flocker

Bitchin Stitchn

Stiches, Bitches!

The Stitch Bitch

Flock You Stitches

Come's Friday night,  grab your wine, your scotch and join me in the outrageous.   Play your outrageous quilting names tonight and comment below.  


  1. Just how much wine did you have? Not liking any of those names!

  2. Mutha Stitcha is awesome.
    The quiet makes me think that people are not such fans of this brand of creativity. Phshaw, I say!

  3. My silence is awe. I can't come up with anything punnier, and puns are my strength ( 2/3 of pun is P U doncha know). So I guess I now have to come up with a new superpower unless I can put on the nitro jets nd think of sump in' good. Please excuse the burning smell that's my brain getting fired up.


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