Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I got an email yesterday saying that my machine was at the Canada USA border waiting to clear customs.   

This morning, I heard a loud truck coming up the street and went to check if it could have magically been my machine that travelled hundreds of miles overnight to see me.  Could it be? Could it really be?  
*blink*  *blink* 
Yeah,  it was  garbage day. Studio is coming along.  Bought a few Ikea dressers on the weekend to put together and use as a cutting/storage system.   THAT was fun.  LOL.  Got some additional storage cabinets from home depot on clearance and now have one big storage wall....which may change, but for now it's here:

Bought some large insulation panels as well to make a design wall.   Word of advice. Do not, at all, do not...don't get anything other than WHITE.    These ones have a slight light green tint to them which I thought would be covered easily.   Not so much.   sigh.  Back to the depot I go....

I'm feeling excited and also sick at the same time.  


  1. Loving that first look like someone out of a daytime soap - peering out at the neighbours over the road having an argument. (I have a fertile imagination)!

  2. Looks like we have the same post title. Your waiting is even more exciting then mine. The shelving looks great (from an ex IKEA employee). I am still so excited for your adventure. Don't feel sick, stand tall (not a problem for you) and be proud of what you are doing and can accomplish. Good luck with the set up! Hope your door bell rings soon.


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