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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Design Wall - my experience

So, design wall done.   Used the insulation board technique which is posted everywhere.    
Bought 3 - 24x96 x 1" insulation boards and covered them with batting.   DUCT TAPE did not adhere to my insulation boards.   Packing tape did not either.   I staple gunned the batting to the boards and that seemed to do the trick.   
COMMAND STRIPS DID NOT WORK.  I tried 4,  then I tried 12 in a row.   The big strong 5 pound ones.  Nadda. 
Then I tried nailing nails into the wall and laying the board onto them - like sticking the styrofoam into the nails.  Nada.  Slid right down and ripped the styrofoam.
Then finally,  I nailed the nails into the wall, through the boards.  That seemed to do the trick,  we'll see if they're still hanging in a few hours.  

I bought these two Ikea dressers and we put them together back to back for a cutting table.  It is a perfect height!

Next up is putting in fluorescent lighting -  as you can see, I really need light down there.
My machine arrives next week sometime!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I got an email yesterday saying that my machine was at the Canada USA border waiting to clear customs.   

This morning, I heard a loud truck coming up the street and went to check if it could have magically been my machine that travelled hundreds of miles overnight to see me.  Could it be? Could it really be?  
*blink*  *blink* 
Yeah,  it was  garbage day. Studio is coming along.  Bought a few Ikea dressers on the weekend to put together and use as a cutting/storage system.   THAT was fun.  LOL.  Got some additional storage cabinets from home depot on clearance and now have one big storage wall....which may change, but for now it's here:

Bought some large insulation panels as well to make a design wall.   Word of advice. Do not, at all, do not...don't get anything other than WHITE.    These ones have a slight light green tint to them which I thought would be covered easily.   Not so much.   sigh.  Back to the depot I go....

I'm feeling excited and also sick at the same time.  

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The beginning of a new LONGARM STUDIO !

Well friends,  I know I have been missing and not 'active' here for awhile, but I've been doing a lot of thinking and needed to figure out what I wanted to do without the distraction of other blog inspiration.  I don't know if that makes sense, but sometimes so much inspiration is distracting and sometimes a bit daunting too.    People are just so darn productive and talented!

I have decided to learn and become a longarm quilter alongside my usual designing and piecing.   I absolutely adore the quilting process and cannot wait to develop my skills and become amazing at what I do so that I can share my process with you.   :-)    I have purchased a longarm machine and it will be delivered within the next week or two!  Wahooo!!!

Names of my home business have been haunting me - I really cannot figure it out - if you have suggestions...let me know.  I want something a bit urban/hip/modern  yet don't want to detract from the traditionalists either -  I hope to learn lots from them!

My business will be a developmental one - and I want to share my process with you.  Hope that's okay!

For now, I need to say thank you to my husband, who willingly gave up his future man cave and giant screen projection tv to house our new big ass long arm machine.

Here are some before pics of my future longarm studio/business space:

The longarm machine is going to fit in this space.  We've sold the couches and the tv we are storing for someone for now.  See that big projector screen at the top?  yep.  my husband rocks.  
We will most likely be painting this area white to brighten it up and get some better lighting.  It is a basement and a little dark. 

On the other side of the space is my sewing area which is as is.  I didn't clean or decorate for you.  Sorry.

My sewing area which will also change around. 

Our basement is a walk-UP basement so this is the hallway to the outside.

There's Trent getting ready to assemble some storage cabinets for me.   In that space I plan to have storage and a bigass cutting table in the middle.  where the treadmill is, I'm not sure what will be there.

I also need to put a design wall somewhere.  I finally get a real design wall!

Whoops - gotta go,  need to make sure Trent doesn't assemble these upside down!  LOL

Stay tuned for my series of setting up my longarm quilting business.   I plan to post photos and videos of setup of studio,  arrival of my bigass machine - assembly process by ME!  and everything thereafter. The joys and the pains and everything inbetween.  

If you have questions or there is something you are interested in reading about during this process, please let me know.   I'll also continue with my regular quilt posts as well.....that won't change.