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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Design Wall - my experience

So, design wall done.   Used the insulation board technique which is posted everywhere.    
Bought 3 - 24x96 x 1" insulation boards and covered them with batting.   DUCT TAPE did not adhere to my insulation boards.   Packing tape did not either.   I staple gunned the batting to the boards and that seemed to do the trick.   
COMMAND STRIPS DID NOT WORK.  I tried 4,  then I tried 12 in a row.   The big strong 5 pound ones.  Nadda. 
Then I tried nailing nails into the wall and laying the board onto them - like sticking the styrofoam into the nails.  Nada.  Slid right down and ripped the styrofoam.
Then finally,  I nailed the nails into the wall, through the boards.  That seemed to do the trick,  we'll see if they're still hanging in a few hours.  

I bought these two Ikea dressers and we put them together back to back for a cutting table.  It is a perfect height!

Next up is putting in fluorescent lighting -  as you can see, I really need light down there.
My machine arrives next week sometime!