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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are you a tosser? Part 2

Awhile back, I had posted about my habit of tossing threads to the floor as I work.  Well,  I'm happy to report that I haven't changed and I don't plan to.  (except when I'm teaching on someone else' s machine. Why is it that my conscientious behaviour works in this situation, and not my own?)

I was a little bit worried about how my vacuum would like this habit.  I finally came across something that works...
Voila,  your $1.00 toilet brush.   

It's clean of course!   I picked this guy up from the dollar store.  It works like a charm!  So I 'sweep' this brush over my carpeted area and pick up all of the tossed threads - Aurifil, Wonderfil, Glide, Superior, Guterman.  It doesn't play favourites!  It doesn't get every single one of them, but it does the majority.  And my vacuum is grateful.  

And I found another use for it:  

My design wall -  it's been a disaster.   I've tried vacuuming it, and the vacuum doesn't pick up the threads without sucking up the flannel.   I've tried the sticky lint roller - which works somewhat but not that great and I hate wasting all of that paper!  
Look at the after: 

Amazing right!? 

A great little tool for you tossers working on carpet.   

You're welcome!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Design Wall - my experience

So, design wall done.   Used the insulation board technique which is posted everywhere.    
Bought 3 - 24x96 x 1" insulation boards and covered them with batting.   DUCT TAPE did not adhere to my insulation boards.   Packing tape did not either.   I staple gunned the batting to the boards and that seemed to do the trick.   
COMMAND STRIPS DID NOT WORK.  I tried 4,  then I tried 12 in a row.   The big strong 5 pound ones.  Nadda. 
Then I tried nailing nails into the wall and laying the board onto them - like sticking the styrofoam into the nails.  Nada.  Slid right down and ripped the styrofoam.
Then finally,  I nailed the nails into the wall, through the boards.  That seemed to do the trick,  we'll see if they're still hanging in a few hours.  

I bought these two Ikea dressers and we put them together back to back for a cutting table.  It is a perfect height!

Next up is putting in fluorescent lighting -  as you can see, I really need light down there.
My machine arrives next week sometime!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I got an email yesterday saying that my machine was at the Canada USA border waiting to clear customs.   

This morning, I heard a loud truck coming up the street and went to check if it could have magically been my machine that travelled hundreds of miles overnight to see me.  Could it be? Could it really be?  
*blink*  *blink* 
Yeah,  it was  garbage day. Studio is coming along.  Bought a few Ikea dressers on the weekend to put together and use as a cutting/storage system.   THAT was fun.  LOL.  Got some additional storage cabinets from home depot on clearance and now have one big storage wall....which may change, but for now it's here:

Bought some large insulation panels as well to make a design wall.   Word of advice. Do not, at all, do not...don't get anything other than WHITE.    These ones have a slight light green tint to them which I thought would be covered easily.   Not so much.   sigh.  Back to the depot I go....

I'm feeling excited and also sick at the same time.