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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Well, Hi.

It's been  awhile.  My life took a turn from blogging to deal with life for awhile.  You know, the stuff that you don't really count on happening, but they do.   The stuff that movies are made of.

Oh yes, and we moved too.   I took October -December off, to pack,move,  unpack, settle and just be.  

I am taking on new quilts as of January 2016 and will be quilting full-time.   If you are interested, please send me a message!

For now, here are some examples of client work I've completed that I think is pretty special:

Ashley made this gorgeous ombre pieced improv quilt -  she wasn't quite sure what she wanted, and wasn't quite sure if she even liked the top.   I played.....
 I kept the rainbow ombre quilting simple, and then densely quilted the white background.
 I mimicked the triangle theme in the white background too....

 I think it turned out really special with the quilting.  It kind of let the colours leap off the quilt top.   

Ashley also sent me a a pieced white top in which she wanted a bit of a winter scene.  This one was really hard to interpret.  As well, it was a bit more complex with thread swaps and thread changes
I drew in a 'north star', some blowing snow and tried to get a hill of trees....

 I used metallic threads for the trees and I used filler to show the shape of the trees.  

Dana pieced and appliquéd this amazing Jen Kingwell quilt:  
 Again, totally floored and honoured that someone wants me to work on something like this!   Wowza!!
 Look at the appliqué and the gorgeous piecing!  I did dense fillers around the appliqué to let them pop and showcase some of the beautiful pieces in the quilt.  
The border treatment I kept simple with a triangle ghost echo.....again, with some denser fill to showcase the shapes and the texture.  This is a stunning quilt! 
If you made it this far, you're thinking -  did she do anything for HERSELF?   YES! I did!
I made a tree skirt LOL:  
 and tried not to go too nuts on the quilting.  It's so hard when you have a longarm...
I made 2 baskets!  This was a riot.  The black basket below took me FOUR HOURS because:
a) I am inept at making things other than quilts
b) my sewing machine crapped out and needs to be repaired.
 This basket took a little less time....ahem...
I am planning on working on a king sized quilt for my's in my head right now. ha!
This week I have been making infinity scarves. I'm addicted. I have made 4, and have to stop.  really. they take me 15 minutes and are fool proof.   Cam was impressed:
and because I have to show BOTH kids in one post: 
my oldest....I made him!  This always floors me.  
If you made it this far,  a reminder -  I'm getting back into quilting again, and will be taking on full time quilting schedule as of January. 
  If you are interested in longarm quilting work or commission work,  send me a note!     
Thanks for reading...thanks for your support!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The beginning of a new LONGARM STUDIO !

Well friends,  I know I have been missing and not 'active' here for awhile, but I've been doing a lot of thinking and needed to figure out what I wanted to do without the distraction of other blog inspiration.  I don't know if that makes sense, but sometimes so much inspiration is distracting and sometimes a bit daunting too.    People are just so darn productive and talented!

I have decided to learn and become a longarm quilter alongside my usual designing and piecing.   I absolutely adore the quilting process and cannot wait to develop my skills and become amazing at what I do so that I can share my process with you.   :-)    I have purchased a longarm machine and it will be delivered within the next week or two!  Wahooo!!!

Names of my home business have been haunting me - I really cannot figure it out - if you have suggestions...let me know.  I want something a bit urban/hip/modern  yet don't want to detract from the traditionalists either -  I hope to learn lots from them!

My business will be a developmental one - and I want to share my process with you.  Hope that's okay!

For now, I need to say thank you to my husband, who willingly gave up his future man cave and giant screen projection tv to house our new big ass long arm machine.

Here are some before pics of my future longarm studio/business space:

The longarm machine is going to fit in this space.  We've sold the couches and the tv we are storing for someone for now.  See that big projector screen at the top?  yep.  my husband rocks.  
We will most likely be painting this area white to brighten it up and get some better lighting.  It is a basement and a little dark. 

On the other side of the space is my sewing area which is as is.  I didn't clean or decorate for you.  Sorry.

My sewing area which will also change around. 

Our basement is a walk-UP basement so this is the hallway to the outside.

There's Trent getting ready to assemble some storage cabinets for me.   In that space I plan to have storage and a bigass cutting table in the middle.  where the treadmill is, I'm not sure what will be there.

I also need to put a design wall somewhere.  I finally get a real design wall!

Whoops - gotta go,  need to make sure Trent doesn't assemble these upside down!  LOL

Stay tuned for my series of setting up my longarm quilting business.   I plan to post photos and videos of setup of studio,  arrival of my bigass machine - assembly process by ME!  and everything thereafter. The joys and the pains and everything inbetween.  

If you have questions or there is something you are interested in reading about during this process, please let me know.   I'll also continue with my regular quilt posts as well.....that won't change.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Plain Spoken, Plain Complete

Binding complete, washed and dried and crinkly goodness included.