Monday, March 04, 2013

Something new...

A friend of a coworker found out I make quilts and has commissioned me to make one for her.  These are the fabrics she's chosen:

It will be a kingsized very basic square/rectangle patchwork design.   I gave her a variety of designs, but she just wanted a simple mix of these fabrics.   They are beautiful.

Quilt from hell is almost complete.  I need more fabric for the border (underestimated).  It's coming along nicely, and much better than my first 3 attempts.   Let me say, I love the fabrics, but those preprinted panels really feel restricting in the design process.  It will look lovely in the end, but I still get to call it what I want.   I could have stuck with my original design and be done, but often I complicate things until it looks just right. 
 Millie and I have had time together daily, about an hour at a time.  I needed to get quilt from hell completed before I felt like I could really explore.   :-)


  1. We all have that "pain in the a--" quilt! Glad that you & Millie are getting to know each other.

  2. Oh you and Millie with have hours of fun time to play. Quilt from h..e..doublehockeystick, will be gorgeous in the end!


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