Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Spools of Colour

Is it possible that my addiction to solid colour fabrics could easily transfer over to threads?  

Look at this gorgeous pack of thread I bought from  
This is Glide thread, which has come highly praised by many longarm quilters from what I read.  I also received a colour card - and it's actual thread wrapped samples too, so no distortion in colour. 

Three other brands I want to try out -  the new Aurifil longarm thread, Superior and Metro/Sigma.  
oh this could be trouble...

Only thing I realized.... I didn't get any grey.  And I have a King size top to quilt soon with grey thread.  sigh. 


  1. Ooh you live in Candy Land. I want to visit, looks simply delicious. Can't wait to see what rolls off your long arm. When will you be taking orders? I

  2. I use the Glide thread, too. Love it.

  3. Lovely color! I enjoy picking out thread almost as much as I enjoy picking out fabric.

  4. All those spools together just make me happy.

  5. All of that color is so inspiring! Let me know how the Aurifil works. I have never used it before.

  6. All that colour makes the white we have outside fade away.


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