Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A great find at Ikea

 Most of Ikea's fabrics are thick, drapery/upholstery grade.  I found some thinner fabrics on sale for TWO dollars per meter....100% cotton, 150cm wide.   I thought these would be awesome backing fabrics for some bright modern quilts.  
This one is the same quality but it screamed summer picnic quilt to me -   If you look closely there are fruits, veggies, lobsters.... so sweet!   I can imagine pairing this backing up with Pat Sloan's line of Eat Your Fruit and Veggies. 

2.00 a meter....can't go wrong!


  1. $2/m? Holy crap! Score.

    If only my savings wouldn't be eaten up by the 1020km round trip gasoline prices for a IKEA shopping spree….

  2. Those are awesome fabrics! I love the sketchy parts on the bottom one. *sigh* why is nearest IKEA three hours away from me?


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