Thursday, May 02, 2013

practice makes near perfect

...or at least better than before.

I practice every night on my whiteboard....I focus on only one shape/design per session, and practice a path how to stitch, if I get stuck somewhere - how to get out, etc. and this week I have been practicing more on quilts.  
 I volunteered to do some quilting with Victoria's Quilts - a charity that provides comfort quilts to people going through cancer treatment. 

Longarm quilting has been slow the past 2 weeks as I finish up designing, piecing and writing a tutorial for a quilt.  It feels so good to get back on the longarm - I absolutely love it. 


  1. It looks beautiful!

  2. Looking great! Practice makes perfect is right and these swirls look awesome

  3. I have been practicing FMQ on my domestic and I keep telling myself the same thing. Practice, practice, practice. I love your idea of the white board and only one shape at a time. Thanks for the great idea.


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