Monday, April 15, 2013

Aviary Quilt

Awhile back, a coworker of my husband got wind that I am a quilter.   She was looking for someone to make her a quilt like this one that she saw on except for her KING sized bed.   I was up for the challenge.   I got her to purchase the fabric and I did the rest.  

Even though it is a simple pattern, working in such a large size is tricky...trying to keep it all squared up,  etc.  


I quilted it in my favourite style -  the watery meander.  Thank heavens for my longarm quilting machine...this was a breeze to quilt.
Fabric:  Joel Dewberry  Aviary 2
Quilt measurement:  100 x 88 (after shrinking...another post for another day...sigh)  

Next up,  putting together a new quilt...


  1. It is absolutely beautiful!

  2. looks wonderful. can you believe we are still taking pictures in the snow.

  3. Beautiful! And huge :) I've done it once (king size) and it was tough. I'm curious about the shrinking...I'm thinking the quilting pulled it in more than you thought it would?

  4. You did great! I'm sure they loved it ; )


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