Monday, April 08, 2013

Quilting Malpractice #267

The Seam Ripper.

Yesterday, my seam ripper went missing.  My beloved 29 year old seam ripper.  Yes, you read that correct.  The one that I stole borrowed in junior high home ec class.  I loved it.   When I couldn't find it anywhere in my studio, I kind of panicked.   Loss of family feeling or something.  I couldn't continue my quilting,  I was at a standstill.  This is where the malpractice comes in....

#1 - always have a backup seam ripper.
#2 - antique seam rippers are for display only, not for daily use

 I decided I needed to buy not one,  but two new seam rippers.   My husband told me that he was shocked...and proud of me to be spending money on a redundant item.  (two of the same thing?)

I bought these two seam rippers...the white one was 5.00 and the blue fancy one was 12.00.   The cheaper one is by far my favourite,  there are just little nuances that feel right, and it just hooks the stitch a little easier.   The blue one has an eraser type end to it to rub the stitch threads away.  It's okay...and will be a good backup.   

Well, both will be good backups, because LOOK WHAT I FOUND after I drove 30km to my nearest quilt shop!!!???
 Naughty dog.   He won't chew anything up, but he will come up and show me what he found - and he dangles it from his lips....

Back to work!

Here are some photos from our recent weekend drive down to Montana....we took the 'Cowboy Trail' from Alberta through the Rockies, and then down to Whitefish, Montana.  Stunning stunning scenery:


  1. Ooh, if I'd know you were taking that route I would have made sure you stopped at The Chuckwagon Cafe. We love that place.

  2. We visited Montana 5 years ago. I loved it. Great shops ; )

  3. I own the white seam ripper from Clover too! Love it! I don't think I have a backup one though... hmmmm

    Montana looks gorgeous! Someday I'll make it out there! Ohio is so dull!

  4. I swear by my clover stitch ripper. I actually have 3 because i like them sharp so replace it about once a year. Then i keep. The old ones as back ups. : )

  5. love the Chuckwagon Cafe in Turner Valley! I am so glad that Jasper didn't eat the seam ripper! That would have been scary. Your quilt looks good on the Millie.

  6. Funny where you "found" your seam ripper, and after the purchase, of course. Glad the pup didn't eat it! I use my rotary cutter the most for ripping, but I do like a sharp new seam ripper every once in a while ~

  7. What gorgeous scenery. Isn't it funny how losing a seam ripper can cause such anxiety? I totally get it.

  8. I had to buy a couple of seam rippers a couple of years ago after losing mine. Within that next week I found it again. One of my seam rippers is the Clover one. I like it and have heard good things about it. Cute picture of the dog!

  9. Good thing he's not a chewer - that would have been an expensive vet bill!!

    I have heard it's best to replace a seam ripper every now and then because the sharp edge gets dull. Or maybe just mine does because I have to use it too much… :-)

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  11. WOW! What AWESOME pics...very enjoyable :)

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