Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can you see me now?

I've gone to great lengths to be able to see my stitches.   
I'm keeping it real....yeah, I'm a dork.

With or without the led lighting on my longarm machine,  sometimes, I have no idea where my stitches are going - I just cannot see them amongst the fabric.  I have a plan - but I can't see a darn thing.   And it isn't a vision thing...

My machine has a black light which I discovered -  and I kind of giggled with glee that it did...memories of night clubbing all over again...sigh. ( I really need to find those old Cure and Smiths cd's)

But my black light doesn't work on everything.... :( 
 blinded once again.  
I have tried turning all lights off, using my headlamp, etc.  Any suggestions from the audience out there?     

I discovered my headlamp is also great for checking my tension and stitches underneath the quilt.  

I also have a new secret.   Under this machine,  it is really quiet and a super great hiding spot...where no one can bother me.   It's now my number #2 spot behind shower time.  


  1. Be glad you aren't using my glasses too! I someone got their quilt to you! wink wink!

  2. I just bought an uberlight from allbrands with a clamp. Much better! Its on my blog if you want to look at it.

  3. hahaha. And what is that cool map fabric on the back of the quilt??

  4. Ha, what a great place for some throw pillows and a few good books :)

  5. You are all kinds of awesome.

  6. Hehehe funny as! I need one of those machines, if not for quilting just for hiding! The map fabric is very cool.

  7. Ahahaha! Too fun.

  8. Love the headlamp and totally understand the need to hide. I thought the same thing when I crawled under my longarm the first time...and my kids are all grown up! haha Would love to know the source of that great backing fabric.....

  9. I find that when I am having difficulty seeing the stitches I shut the machine down and come back in the mid-late afternoon or early evening (depending on the time of year.) My studio faces west, so the sun comes slanting in across the end of the machine lighting the entire quilt from the side. If I keep the studio lights off, this side lighting gives me shadows where the stitching lies.

    Love the blog and I'm glad you're as addicted as I am.

  10. I have found that I can see better if I turn off all Longarm lights and use my Ott light from the side. I see the stitches better, as they create a shadow.


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