Monday, March 25, 2013

Live a Colorful Life - The Name Game

I'm totally bashful about this, but I was invited to play over at Live a Colorful Life.   :-)  I love reading this feature every week and have  discovered a whole bunch of new bloggers though The Name Game.  

Did you know that my first blog post was made in 2006?  Holy moly!!  This makes me feel:
a) old
b) a technological whiz
c) lucky to have met so many virtual friends
d) embarrassed that I have that much to say publicly

Hope everyone is having a great week.   I'm working on a custom small starts for me.   She said to 'play'  and 'no pressure'  which makes it even worse.    So, my first 1/3 of the quilt took forever with lots of starts and stops...and now I'm in a groove and am figuring things out.


  1. I've been and left a comment but I expect you knew that :-)

  2. For the record, she didn't mean to pressure you.

  3. I'm super excited you played along this week!! So when do you want to practice on one of my quilts?

  4. Nice to meet you in blog land!

  5. Remember to breathe! :-) It will be beautiful, I'm sure.

    And cool to see you in The Name Game!

  6. Oh fun! Nice to meet you!

  7. Great article! Your quilting will be wonderful!

  8. Lovely projects that Cindy featured! So nice to meet you : )


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