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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can you see me now?

I've gone to great lengths to be able to see my stitches.   
I'm keeping it real....yeah, I'm a dork.

With or without the led lighting on my longarm machine,  sometimes, I have no idea where my stitches are going - I just cannot see them amongst the fabric.  I have a plan - but I can't see a darn thing.   And it isn't a vision thing...

My machine has a black light which I discovered -  and I kind of giggled with glee that it did...memories of night clubbing all over again...sigh. ( I really need to find those old Cure and Smiths cd's)

But my black light doesn't work on everything.... :( 
 blinded once again.  
I have tried turning all lights off, using my headlamp, etc.  Any suggestions from the audience out there?     

I discovered my headlamp is also great for checking my tension and stitches underneath the quilt.  

I also have a new secret.   Under this machine,  it is really quiet and a super great hiding spot...where no one can bother me.   It's now my number #2 spot behind shower time.