Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A hidden treasure from 1891

I love my days!!!
My client S  came by to share this amazing treasure she found in a family member's closet.  A lump of something in an old pillowcase....when she opened it up,  you can imagine the shock and awe....included with this gem was a hand typed card...describing who the quilt was made by, made for, and when it was made -  in 1891.   She graciously allowed me to take a few photos so I could share with you....the blocks are just so delicate and amazing attention to detail that I just HAD to share it with you!
click on any of the photos to see more detail.....
so many different types of hand embroidered stitches...

this was almost like an I Spy quilt - except we were just looking at all of the different stitches, fabrics - unbelievable.  But...wait... it gets even better.   You NEED to click on the photos below to see this detail:

 hand embroidered pictures...using ultra fine threads.
 Some of the work,  I had to touch to see if it was a pencil mark or thread....nope, it was thread.
 look at the detail on the faces!  yep...thread!
 We found extra proof of the date...

 this one i couldn't get over - it was so so delicate. it looked like a pencil had finely sketched this butterfly...but on close examination, it was hand stitches using very fine thread - silk I think. 

What we discussed was how to preserve it from disintegration - but enjoy it too without keeping it wrapped and hidden away!  Thoughts? 

Totally totally humbled by this today.   
 Thank you, S, for sharing this with me today...you really don't know how special it was to open it and discover all of the intricate details with you.  And thank you for letting me share it with my blog readers....  You made my week!  :-)


  1. That is gorgeous. I hope she will consider loaning it to the National Quilt Museum

  2. Andrea friends of mine have a similar quilt passed down from some great Aunts. They had it framed is a very large plexi glass and gold frame. I can find out where it was done if your friend is interested. I know it was done in Calgary. Also the makers info needs to be on the quilt in a label of some sort. It is so wonderful and excellent specimen of stitchery. What a treasure

  3. What a treasure. Thanks for posting the photos. The stitching is amazing!

    1. Isn't it? So many little changes and details in this quilt.... thanks for commenting. You are a 'no-reply comment' so I cannot directly email you :(

  4. Your friend should contact Dawn Hunt for an appraisal and storage/display tips.

  5. Theresa 8:14 PM

    Wow!!! This is better than the lotto. Well maybe. I hope you gets lots of suggestions on how to preserve this family heirloom.

  6. I absolutely love it ....thanks for sharing ..


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