Tuesday, June 18, 2013

keeping it real

 It's not all glorious swirls and feathers you know.  

I loaded a quilt on my machine with the backing going the wrong way....ending up with a backing 8 inches too short.   
Let's just say I figured that out about 3/4 way through quilting.....
Someone told me it was a Rite of Passage.   
ok. more like torture.

It gave me a good excuse to listen/watch trashy daytime television while I was ripping out the stitches.  sigh. 

But I did learn a trick!  Here's one for you too!   All of those little threads that are still stuck in the fabric  here and there...use a silicone spatula! 
rub the surface of the fabric/seam whever you have the little bits...and they will come flying off beautifully.   
See?   they all landed on my carpet. 


  1. It’s a great tip but I am really, really curious as to how you found out this works!! I can just see you running back and forth between your kitchen with a variety of kitchen utensils, rubbing them over the fabric....am I close?

  2. oh, hon. Been there. I feel your pain. Though, I will usually try to use unpicking as a last resort. Because I'm lazy and because I hate it. lol. Great tip about the spatula!

  3. Hi - I'm a newbie to long arming - this also makes me well practised in un-picking ;0)Mostly I end up unpicking a lot of variageted threads as I cannot seem to get the tension right and it sheers - but hey, practise makes perfect!

  4. I dream of one day owning a longarm, until then i live vicariously through everyone who does! Love the spatula tip, need to give that i try!

  5. Great tip with the spatula. Never heard of it before, thanks! Lucky you, my threads usually end up on me stuck to my track pants. It's a good look at school pick up time.


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