Thursday, September 26, 2013

A first quilt..

Carol completed her first quilt, a rail fence, with these beautiful neutral colours.    I used the pantograph called Love Doodle, and it turned out beautifully.     I think we have another quilter blooming in our community!  She did a fabulous job, and I hope she is motivated to continue with more projects.

The original Love Doodle Pantograph that I had was a little small and too dense for this quilt.  I went to my local Staples and enlarged the pantograph sample to adjust the size.  The enlarged pantograph worked much better with the blocks, and was a softer effect.  
edited to add:   I contacted Urban Elementz regarding resizing the FREE pantographs that I had downloaded and there is no issue to size the free pantos on that site.     

Next up, is this quilt that has been waiting for about 3 years for some quilting:


  1. Lovely neutral quilt. The quilting is perfect for it.

  2. That bottom quilt is SO bright and cheery!


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