Monday, October 07, 2013

My first ever Halloween project

aside from a few Halloween costumes, I've actually never made a Halloween I opted for a wee project on Saturday night.  
I chose non traditional Halloween fabrics, except for the Halloween batik
and used the disappearing 9 patch pattern

Practiced making some fun spider webs
pumpkins, loopies

and to keep it real
 -   not everything always works out in my brain.  This block was unplanned...and usually unplanned things turn out crappy - and I also was doing this at 11pm trying to finish up

 I'll be picking this one out, and quilting something different here.


  1. I love your spider web quilt design!

  2. this is lovely.

  3. Love it. It will awesome in your house! I bet the boys are excited about Halloween!


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