Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Random photos to share

It seems the busier I get with quilting on my longarm, the more I forget to take photos and to post photos of my work!   I have done many quilts lately, and have taken only a handful of photos when I remember to.   That will be my new years resolution -  post more of my work!
A customized letter A in a celtic font for a client-  little details like this make a quilt really special!  

Swirls and loops create a really beautiful flowing quilting design

Custom quilting - zig zag ruler work on the outer border,  pebbles on inner border, u-turn and ditch quilting on blocks to make some design features f a quilt 'pop' 

Pantograph quilting (Celtic Braid) on a beautiful chevron quilt

Something that always makes me giddy and satisfied is when people email me back with a followup comment on quilting work or send a photo.  This gorgeous southwest style quilt was one I did a few months back, and I received this gorgeous photo of it on display in the recipient's garden.  I'm sure my clients don't realize how happy it makes me feel with these little things...but I really love it. 

soft flowing lines and a few custom geckos placed throughout the quilt
My kids were super surprised of their trip away!   I can't complain about anything...not even the -30c weather I returned home to!   


  1. I'm glad you are going to post more pictures. I LOVE that chevron quilt! Why are you in another country? I would send stacks of quilts to you!

  2. Stunning work....I love them all! But that one with the pantograph quilting is beautiful colors.

  3. Love them all, Andrea . . . especially the zig zag border . . . very, very nice! You have a real gift for finding just the right quilting designs . . . Bev

  4. I am so impressed by your quilting and progress you have made in just a short time. Obviously you have a natural talent for long arming.


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