Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jamie Wallen class

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton.  Jamie Wallen was teaching some classes, and I signed up for one of them.   I went up with  Little House Creations and her marvellous husband braved the snow and awful winter roads just for us.   

We did a lot of doodling to learn some of Jamie's signature styles   ...

This variation of a vine/feather was a really tricky one to do, but I like the edgy style of it. Obviously I need a lot more practice, but thought I would show you some of the ideas we were taught.

Just by varying the petals/feathers you get different looks to your vine.

And doing a mirror reflection of the vine will give you an even cooler style - great for borders and sashing.

A cluster of leaves  I can still hear him chanting 'chubby leaf, chubby leaf, chubby leaf"

Edgy swirls make up an edge to edge vine...

Using a few elements such as petals, swirls, chubby leaves, ribbons, you could really change this one up.  I loved doing this one  - just not sure how to translate it onto a quilt, however.

It was a great day and completely mentally draining, but so much fun!

It's been a crazy busy few weeks here at Urban Quiltworks.   Quilt tops for the longarm have been coming in steadily for the Christmas rush,  with a few made to order quilts to complete as well.   Add to that  Blogathon Canada,  school fundraiser committee deadlines,  teaching longarm classes with Bev and a Moda Bake Shop project in the works!    

Oh yes... and a surprise trip with the family that I have to pack/plan for during the day because it's a surprise for the kids!   I'm wiped!!!

My plate is full, but my enjoyment is fuller.  

 okay.. I admit.. my vacuuming was delayed for awhile. 


  1. Love those sketches, I might reference them for future quilting. It's great to expand our repertoires, isn't it? Thanks for posting about it.

  2. Lovely practice work that shows distinctly improved skills by the bottom of the post. Excellent swirls-I like what you learned.

  3. Enjoy your surprise vacation, Andrea! Maybe you can create some fantastic doodles in your "spare time" on the beach!

  4. Those are beautiful designs and very inspirational. I am sure you will put all that you learned to good use in the coming quilts. I hear you about all those commitments and deadlines. I have been there and done that. You are in the thick of it. Enjoy wherever the surprise trip was too. We need to get together soon.


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