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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jamie Wallen class

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton.  Jamie Wallen was teaching some classes, and I signed up for one of them.   I went up with  Little House Creations and her marvellous husband braved the snow and awful winter roads just for us.   

We did a lot of doodling to learn some of Jamie's signature styles   ...

This variation of a vine/feather was a really tricky one to do, but I like the edgy style of it. Obviously I need a lot more practice, but thought I would show you some of the ideas we were taught.

Just by varying the petals/feathers you get different looks to your vine.

And doing a mirror reflection of the vine will give you an even cooler style - great for borders and sashing.

A cluster of leaves  I can still hear him chanting 'chubby leaf, chubby leaf, chubby leaf"

Edgy swirls make up an edge to edge vine...

Using a few elements such as petals, swirls, chubby leaves, ribbons, you could really change this one up.  I loved doing this one  - just not sure how to translate it onto a quilt, however.

It was a great day and completely mentally draining, but so much fun!

It's been a crazy busy few weeks here at Urban Quiltworks.   Quilt tops for the longarm have been coming in steadily for the Christmas rush,  with a few made to order quilts to complete as well.   Add to that  Blogathon Canada,  school fundraiser committee deadlines,  teaching longarm classes with Bev and a Moda Bake Shop project in the works!    

Oh yes... and a surprise trip with the family that I have to pack/plan for during the day because it's a surprise for the kids!   I'm wiped!!!

My plate is full, but my enjoyment is fuller.  

 okay.. I admit.. my vacuuming was delayed for awhile.