Thursday, May 14, 2015

Traditional quilted with a modern flair

Josee brought me this gorgeous quilt to work on.
  I'm not going to lie...I may have been a wee bit terrified.   
It's more traditional in piecing, design and colours.   
And then she told me:  I want it quilted more modern.  

And then I knew I could do it. 
 I started with figuring out the top border design -  I applied these ghost designs in the cream sections and that really set the theme for the rest of the quilt.  I knew I wanted to show that texture of the border - so I densely quilted the cream background,  medium quilting in that medium brown, and then light quilting in the darker brown/black so it showed that wrap around effect 
Again, keeping with the theme of making the piecing pop,  I densely quilting some areas (the cream) and let the darker colours pop. 
The border around the medallion echoed that 'ghost' shape...
 And in the medallion itself, I added a few subtle hints of that ghost shape again.
 The pebbling and the echoing around the piecing makes the medallion pop.   
 In some of the other areas, I did simple stitch in the ditch, pebbles, ribbon candy
figure 8's.

blocks with that 'ghost' shape again...
 I also did a straight line quilting around the middle border to soften the other quilting.  The piecing on this quilt was so precise that it was fairly easy to get those lines accurate!  

Quilt size:  83 x 104'' 
Batting: - provided by Josee - not sure
Thread -  Superior Magnifico in Medium Brown and Cream
Decobob thread in brown and cream in bobbin


  1. This is so stunning!!! Your work is so impressive!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. You nailed this one, Andrea! super -doper - fabulous!!!

  3. that would be super doper - - - not super doper - - -- dah!!!

  4. arghhh . . . auto correct again! You know what I mean :)

  5. Oh wow! This is spectacular! :-)

  6. This is absolutely beautiful Andrea. Your quilting makes the quilt come to life. Such a talent you have. Just amazing. YOu can be very proud of yourself for this one.

  7. Absolutely stunning. Your choice of designs on this quilt has certainly brought it to life.

  8. Magic!! You did a fabulous job, I love all the textures. Aren't we lucky getting to quilt so many different kinds of quilts.

  9. Wonderful quilting. It makes the quilt pop.

  10. Came over from APQS and so glad I did. I just keep looking at all the detail. Awesome quilting. Okay to pin?

  11. Just found your blog following Boxes of Color baby quilt-might try it today. First grandchild expected soon! The quilt you are sharing today is wonderful-such gorgeous quilting and piecing make this spectacular. Do you know if this is from a specific pattern? I'll be following you!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous both the quilt and the quilting. By chance do you know the name of the pattern. Thank you

  13. Absolutely gorgeous both the quilt and the quilting. By chance do you know the name of the pattern. Thank you

  14. You do beautiful work!

  15. You do beautiful work!

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  17. I got to see this quilt tonight at my quild meeting. The quilting is stunning.


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