Thursday, August 21, 2008


So after not much contemplation, I'm going to keep my blog open for now.  It doesn't do much harm to keep it open, and when I feel like posting, I will. 

 I think I really needed my vacation to recharge, and rethink things.  I'm coming down from the major stresses of possibly moving cross country (thank god that's over with), moving to another city in this province,  to buying a tent trailer(not this year), to selling our suv, to mil with cancer, to dad moving house, to buying a minivan, to major meltdowns in my 5 year old (which have now subsided).  Some days, I honestly was so thankful to have the internet and blogs to read and escape in.  Other days, I felt so totally wasteful of time, nothing accomplished.   Yet, it really helped me get through some of the monotony of the everyday stuff being alone with my kids and all the heavy thinking to do in my adult life.  

Yes, I'll blog, no I won't stress when I don't have time to blog or anything really to say.

Like now.

I'd like to introduce a new family member to you....I'll post about it later.

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  1. You have a new pet!!!! Yeh. Tell me more.

    We have thought about getting a cat once again. We cat sat this summer for 3 weeks and she was fun to have around. Ellawynn loved her, but I also noticed it was just a little more work for me. Hmmmm do I want to go there?


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