Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's all about the journey right?

So.  I promise this will be the last post of me humming and hawing over this &^^* project.   My last gripe.   The last time I have my husband choose colours and style.   LOL.   I completed 26 blocks, thinking...yeah!  Just a few more and I'll have a quilt done.   I don't know where my brain was.  Honestly.  Math is my strength.   I need another, at least, 80 blocks, like these to get a decent lapsized quilt.   Shoot me now.   These little buggers are fussy seam matching.  And fussy seam matching once I put the blocks together too.  gah.   And then there's the machine quilting aspect too.   Do I do a simple meander? Diagonal line stitching?    See you next year!!  LOL!


  1. Anonymous 2:48 PM

    80?? Oy, maybe you should teach your husband to sew. Make sure you do some in between projects that you love!

  2. If it's any consolation, it is going to look really cool when it's done!

    I started my cherry quilt 5 years ago and still don't have it quilted. Meh, some day.

  3. I like it! It will be worth it when it's done :) `


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