Monday, January 25, 2010

Can you see it?

Can you see the quilt in this?

How about a simple quilt here? Or a quilt block?

I'm in it bad. I get flyers for storage, and I find it useful for quilts.

One thing I'm learning - triangles do nothing for me. I'm a squares, rectangles and circles kind of girl. Not sure why.


  1. oh Andrea, i was just thinking the same thing for my upcoming 'bee' month! no triangles, but i may make an exception for a few liberated those count as triangles??

  2. Anonymous 7:51 PM

    I do the same thing. Quilt patterns in everything i see

  3. I also hate triangles! I am a square/rectangle person also...just simple.

    I know what you mean....I see quilts everywhere!

  4. I have gotten some of my best quilt design ideas from the floor. Really. Look down...

  5. I am trying to get better at the triangle thing, so i can expand on my patterns. I bought an easy angle ruler to help with the process.

  6. Now that you say it, I see it. I usually find quilt patterns, in restaurants, washrooms and buildings. I have been known to take pictures. People probably think I am a weirdo. I have always been a square/rectangle girl until this past year when I have been trying to focus more on triangles. I do have some circle rulers but have not tried those out yet.

  7. I can definitely see it!

    Don't hate on the triangle, they can be quite handy sometimes.


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