Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chemo scarf

It looks alot easier than when you actually plan and make your first prototype. There's a cap inside and all of the seams are inside out to protect the sensitive scalp.  The scrunchie makes it looks cool. Played around with my stretch stitches, as well as my rolled hem foot (didn't like)    This is my prototype.  If I had a serger, it would be a breeze to make these.

I know my mother in law rocked the chemo scarves this season.  She looks amazing in them.   


  1. sounds really challenging actually! I think this is great, are you making these for your MIL?

  2. My best friend has been wearing a variety of scarves, knitted hats, vintage hats from her great uncle. This is really cute.

  3. That looks very fashionable, lovely.


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