Monday, January 17, 2011

Liebster Blog...
I'm feeling kind of humbled because I received this award the other day from Little Island Quilting
It is essentially 'awarded' to those crafty blogs with 300 followers or less who are quietly going about doing their own thing and possibly not getting the exposure that some of the larger blogs are.

I thank her for the award, but in a way, I'm mad because now I have another 15 blogs that I added to my reader list - you know how you hop from one blog, click on one of the links, hop to that link...see another link...hop there...well, that's what has happened. ;-) It's all good.

While I love some of the 'big names' out there, you've seen them all too. I like the mix of home, pets, cooking, people, crafts, troubles, frustrations....I like to get to know the blogger behind the quilting too.

The hard part now, is that I get to pay it forward and award it to 3-5 blogs that I really like (with less than 300 followers) This one is really hard, because I have a lot, and narrowing it down to 3-5 is crazy. And because I am who I am...I HATE hurting people's feelings...I have 8 blogs I want to list, and the restrictions are 3-5. that's not fair?
In no particular order:

GitDownKitty - Lisa cracks me up. That's all I can really say about her. It's either her or me that's crazy, but I have been in tears of laughter through written emails with her. She's really stepping up her crafting work and making USEFUL projects. And she drives the coolest car ever.

Grendelskin - Sally's quilting has evolved into absolutely stunning work. She's very humble, and I love to read her blog, she always has interesting tidbits to write about aside from quilting. She's one of the oldest blogs I've followed, and I always remember her because she knew about Rene Simard (iconic cheesy French Canadian 70's star) and I still giggle that she would even talk about that.

LiveAColourfulLife - okay, she's JUST at 300 followers. She's the sweetest woman, but has a nasty selvedge habit. She makes the cutest pin cushions, all theme related. I love reading her blog, and she always takes the time to comment on mine.

I've got a million more on the list, and I've really really struggled with this list. I hate to leave people out. Hate it. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or make them think I like them any less compared with someone else. I hate following rules. I should just print out my blog reader list and you can have at it.

I like this award because it's showing off some interesting pepole out there, kind of like the little village shop, as opposed to the big box store.

Sure, the popular ones have posts everyday, but I always like reading my regular everyday peeps the best. And for some reason, my everyday peeps feel like friends. You know who you are. ;-)


  1. Great new blogs I have discovered - thank you!

  2. Oh, thank you, Friend!!! (I think we probably both drank a little from the crazy cup.) (It's full of wine.)

  3. yay on your blog award :) and don't feel bad about who you chose, there is so much inspiration in the blogging world that sooner or later everyone will get a little blogging love.


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