Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Urban Shades Quilt

I created a new tutorial at Moda Bake Shop called Urban Shades!  
 It is a really easy pattern, with large 14.5" blocks.
 The fabric is Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater...
 ...but I can see a whole ton of different colour ways with this simple pattern.

Christmas is coming....an easy peasy gift to whip up!  


  1. It's gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.

    Sorry to hear about your thread breakage issues. I think sometimes machines just get temperamental. I did, however, find that I sometimes have problems with thread breakage when the bobbin is just slightly off. I switched to using metal ones instead of plastic and that's rarely the cause now. The biggest bane I have is the tension. In order to free-motion, I have to ratchet up the tension which makes breakage a frustratingly more common occurrence. Hopefully, the shop visit will fix the glitch.

  2. Oooh, I have a bundle of Curious Nature waiting to be made into a man-quilt; I think I just found the right pattern for it! As always, your work just shines.

  3. I can see what you mean about designing in solids...
    This is a great pattern!

  4. Anonymous 5:14 AM

    This is a wonderful pattern/tutorial! Fun and modern. Love it! Definitely plan to make this with some of my stash.

  5. Such a beautiful quilt - I think it would be lovely in solids too!

  6. Wonderful quilt Andrea. Love the colours. I really need to get back to blogging.

  7. Anonymous 6:17 PM

    I absolutely adore this quilt! I just ordered the fabric... Can't wait to get started!! :)

  8. Love the use of colours with your pattern!!!

  9. So pretty! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  10. How many FQ's do you need for the quilt top? I don't have this particular bundle but I do have a couple of bundles, but not sure how many I would need to make the quilt top only. By the looks of the instructions it looks like 28 but I want to make sure before I decide to make it.
    Thanks.. it's a really nice looking quilt!

  11. Hey, I saw this in MaryJanes Farm magazine; the June-July 2013 issue! Congrats on getting your quilt photo in the mag - it's a beautiful quilt!

  12. I have this on my wish list for a suitable quilt for my son whos waiting to enlist in the army helicopter division,what ever I pick it has to be relatively easy suitable for a fussy teen who dabbles in art but effectively modern,this ones suits me!!


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