Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Longarm Quilting Malpractice #1

 It's Millie's first Longarm Inaugural quilt
 Edge to edge pantograph with Fireside by Moda backing (I call it grown up Minkee)

This quilt is heavier and very warm and will be the perfect comfort for a special someone going through another hard fight....

#1 lesson in my longarm quilting malpractice series... ;-)
Can you figure it out?   

I pinned the backing to my leaders

Nice and neat and all in a row....
Doesn't look so obvious until you roll up your backing a little at a time and then smoooooth it out on the roller..


   It's a mistake I'll only do once and never again.  Ouchie!!    I'm ordering Leadergrips ASAP.   


  1. Owie !~!

    How cool that it's together and working well !~!

    Congratulations on the acquisition; may you have many happy hours under its spell.

  2. Miss did well on your first time out of the gate! :0)

    Ohhh...why do we always have to learn the hard way?

  3. Great job! But I love the quilt top........!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love your quilt.

  5. looks fantastic! Can't wait to meet you Millie. Get the boys to kiss you better!

  6. Other than the ouchies it looks great!

  7. Judy and Julie - not sure why your comments haven't shown up on this page, but I did receive comments from you. Your profile is set to 'noreply comment' so I cannot reply back to you...check your settings and input your email! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting on my blog and don't want to miss the opportunity to respond back! :-)

  8. Andrea! The Leadergrips have arrived! :) Bradie

  9. Take care of those fingies and hands! Your first quilt looks great. And I do enjoy that you're sharing your progress with learning on the new machine. I almost feel like if I were to ever get one of those, I might have learned from your experiences. But just almost. I'd probably figure out how to stab myself with pins or do other such injuries PDQ. :-) I always have to do it the hard way…. lol.

  10. Your quilting looks wonderful! I've only had my machine for year and a half and I still poke myself at least once on every quilt! And just to make you feel better, I load my top on the bottom leader once in a while when I'm not paying attention! Free motion takes practice as I see you know, I did meandering for the longest time before branching out to loops, feathers seem to be the hardest for me. Pantos really help you get the feel for your machine. Congratulations, I know you will enjoy her!


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