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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Peace and Joy...

Santa is coming!  I can finally relax and enjoy like this munchkin does...

I had a busy few weeks finishing up Christmas quilts and last minute gifts for clients....
This one was just a buttery soft flannel yardage, batting, and minkee batting that someone was making as a snuggle blanket for the kids.   So soft,  a perfect quick gift for someone!  Free hand loops, swirls, stars and hearts.
A beginner quilter made this lovely quilt for her daughter as a gift -  with minkee backing.   Minkee on anything just makes it so much more luxurious!      Freehand loops, snowflakes, swirls and holly leaves.
minkee backing....stitching patterns turn out so well with this fabric!
A sweet quick baby gift -  do you remember these Richard Scary books from the 70's  or am I the only one that remembers searching for the 'gold bug'  on each page!?
hands and hearts pantograph....
Finally, if you are looking for a last minute gift idea for yourself or a fellow quilter, these snips are amazing.  (famore cutlery,  aurifil poly thread) Plus,  they are rainbow finished metallic.  Super cool!

Wishing you all a lot of love, happiness and rest during this holiday season.   Spend lots of time doing nothing, being lazy,  slowing down, and enjoying the extra moments of nothingness that the rest of the year doesn't always bring us.     

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Longarm Quilting Malpractice #1

 It's Millie's first Longarm Inaugural quilt
 Edge to edge pantograph with Fireside by Moda backing (I call it grown up Minkee)

This quilt is heavier and very warm and will be the perfect comfort for a special someone going through another hard fight....

#1 lesson in my longarm quilting malpractice series... ;-)
Can you figure it out?   

I pinned the backing to my leaders

Nice and neat and all in a row....
Doesn't look so obvious until you roll up your backing a little at a time and then smoooooth it out on the roller..


   It's a mistake I'll only do once and never again.  Ouchie!!    I'm ordering Leadergrips ASAP.